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Almost done! 4/12/2011

Well, it has been awhile, but I almost have my little Pixie done. Need to put on logos and badges, and do the grips and handlebar accessories. And hook up the lights. Here are some recent pics:

And my trust mechanic, Elson Miles, who made it happen:

Name: Pixie Given to me by a friend Cost: Numerous upgrades
Background: In the summer of 2006, I happened to find mutual love with a fellow faculty member at CCC- a mutual love of vintage bikes! I confided my desire to locate a Raleigh Twenty, as I was really impressed by all the great things people had to say about this funky, classic little bike. My friend told me that he had one, and would bring it in for me to see and ride. The next week, my friend made good on his promise, and brought the bike for me to see, and to "borrow" for a while. I emailed him several times offering to buy the bike- he finally replied that it was a gift, and he was glad I was enjoying it. His wife said he had too many bikes anyway, and he had only paid $15 for it. $15??? For a near mint (after some cleanup) Raleigh? Score! Free near mint Raleigh? Major score!

So what can I say about this little bike that stole my heart and made me such a fan of practical, beautiful folding bikes? This bike is my beloved "money pitt"- no upgrade is too good for her. For a "free" bike I am into her for about $1500...

Upgrade #1-   new lightweight rims with Schwalbe Marathon 20x1.5 tires built into existing Sturmy Archer 3 speed hub- $160
                         new shifter- $20
                         cork grips, shellac and twine$35
                         Brooks B-17 saddle, honey- $105
                         BF folding pedals- $22
                         Mirricycle bell- $18
                         German rearview mirror- $22
                         Latte holder- $11
                         Wald collapsible side basket- $32
                         Portable lights (front and rear)- $40
                         Axa integrated lock w/cable- $70
                         Total- $535

Upgrade #2-   New lightweight Sun CR-18 rims (2)- $80
                         Schwalbe Marathon 20x1.5 tires (2)- $58.65
                         Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub (shifters and cables included)- $160
                         Nexus chain- $12
                         Shimano DynoHub- $85
                         Spokes- $40
                         Bausch and Mueller front and rear lights (used)- $40
                         New Tektro brakes, cables and levers, front and rear- $80
                         Brake bosses (brazed on @ AZ Bikes)- $40
                         Wald touring standard stem- $10
                         Wald 6.5" ape hanger handlebars- $9.82
                         Cork grips (to replace the ones that had to be destroyed to do the upgrade)- $9
                         Powdercoat frame (Ironhorse Coatings, Flagstaff)- $110
                         Colored brake cables- $18
                         Water Slide laser printer decal paper- $30
                         Schmidt coaxial light dynamo cable and connectors- $40
                         Spread front fork and rear triangle to accommodate Nexus hubs- $30
                         Retap bottom bracket shell to 24tpi (from 26tpi)- $40
                         Install Shimano UN54 (68x118) bottom bracket cartridge-$65
                         New cranks- $35
                         New chainring- $25
                         Labor- $100
Other upgrades:
                         Powdercoat wheels and rear rack (cotton candy pink)
                         Custom headbadge
                         Brooks B18 saddle
Proposed logo for my bike:




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