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2006 Breezer Uptown 8

Name: Mariah Purchased: July 2006 Purchase Price: $1122
Background: After Bike to Work Week 2006, I was moved to begin full-time bike commuting from my home in the Continental area of Flagstaff. This 12 mile round trip had been done in summer of 2005 and spring of 2006 on my Schwinn Ranger mountain bike- a bike purchased from Target in 2003.

After eliminating several potential bikes, I put an Electra 21 speed on layaway at Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff (MSRP: $389- almost as much as I had paid for my 1984 Nishiki. Every other bike I had ever owned was less than $100). Research reveled to me that I would be much happier with an internally geared hub for everyday commuting. And since my commute was hilly, a 7 or 8 speed internal hub was needed. Gulp. I trotted back down to Absolute Bikes, who were delighted to upgrade my layaway to the $800 Electra  Townie 8i.

Geez, this was almost as much as my first car! I knew I also wanted lights front and rear that were mounted permanently to the bike, plus a rack to carry stuff, none of which the Electra offered at that time. After pricing out all the "after market" upgrades I required, the Breezer Uptown 8 began to look a lot more competitive, price-wise ($1050 + tax). I took one for a ride and immediately knew this was my new bike...if I could afford it.

Luckily, I was moonlighting teaching summer classes at Coconino Community College, so had a little "extra" cash. I actually bought 3 new bikes that summer, but only the Breezer has stayed in my fleet of bikes. I have done extensive physical upgrades to the bike to give it a "retro" look, but the frame, tires, drive train, lights, etc. are all still as they were when I bought it. Check out what the "stock" bike looked like:
And what it looks like now:  
  My Upgrades:

Brooks saddle- $107.00(Elite Cyclery)( $115.50 with shipping)

Brooks grips- $77.00 Proofide and seat tensioner wrench- $31.00 (Elite Cyclery)($118 with shipping)

Wood fenders- $65.00 Woodys Custom Fenders- ($79 with shipping)

Carry Freedom City trailer- with extra hitch for Raleigh- $423.26 (

Glowspec LED Dyno pedals - ( $19.95 ($25.95)

Kettler rear rack basket and cargo bungee- (Amazon)- $31.34

Nitto Periscopa stem- $24 (Rivendell)

Nitto Albatross CroMoly- $32 (Rivendell)

German Mirror- $22- (Rivendell)

Nitto stem for Brooks saddle- $6- (Rivendell)

Brooks mudflaps- $48.00 plus shipping(Elite Cyclery)

Brooks toolbag- $77.00 plus shipping(Elite Cyclery)





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