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EPS 525

Introduction to Statistics

This course covers descriptive and inferential statistics including:
central tendency, dispersion, correlation, regression, Dependent-Samples t Test, Independent-Samples t Test, Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test, Chi-Square Test of Independence, and an Introduction to analysis of variance.

EPS 620

Vocational Counseling and Career Development

This course covers theories of career choice and vocational develoipment and means of evaluatin, promoting, and enhancing vocational development.

EPS 625

Intermediate Statistics

The information covered in this course will include the conceptual foundations, calculations, interpretations, and uses of advanced descriptive and inferential statistics including parametric and non-parametric procedures. Statistical software (SPSS) will be used for computer assisted data analysis.

EPS 724

Computer Statistics

This course focuses on computer applications of descriptive and inferential statistics including practices in programming research projects. The topics covered include (a) setting up and retrieving SPSS files, (b) screening ungrouped and grouped data, (c) analyzing for underlying assumptions, (d) conducting analyses for various descriptive, univariate, bivariate, and multivariate statistics, and (e) applying this entire process independently to a data set answering research questions.

EPS 698

Research Paradigms

The purpose of this course is to develop understanding in the application of research designs and methods for planning and conducting research in the fields of counseling psychology, school psychology, and learning and instruction. A major focus of the course is to provide consultation and guidance to students in developing the major components of their dissertation proposal.

EPS 798

Dissertation Seminar

The primary purpose of this course is the development of your doctoral dissertation Proposal and/or prospectus. The Proposal, prospectus, and dissertation process can be both exciting and intimidating. The underlying goal for this course is to make the entire process as exciting as possible and ultimately rewarding. As a prerequisite students participating in this course should have successfully completed the doctoral comprehensive examination and/or have formal approval from their dissertation study chair.

EDR 610

Introduction to Research

This course provides an introduction to research, giving a foundation into the processes and applications of research in educational-based disciplines, and as such, is designed to educate students to become intelligent consumers of educational research.

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