Tapamveni: The Rock Art Galleries of Petrified Forest and Beyond


“The authors termed the completion of this book ‘a labour of love.’ This is apparent both in the comprehensive text and in the numerous splendid color photographs. One of the most beautiful books on American rock art ever published.” --- Jean Clottes, International Newsletter on Rock Art.

“Tapamveni is one of those books that impresses you within the first minutes you have it in your hands. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is especially true for rock art, and Tapamveni provides a stunning collection of beautiful color plates and line drawings of rock art from the Petrified Forest region. ... Tapamveni is a book that every rock art scholar and enthusiast will want to have on their bookshelf.” --- Todd W. Bostwick, La Pintura.
“Tapamveni is a stunning book that takes the reader on a gloriously illustrated tour through the rock art of the Petrified Forest and its environs in northeastern Arizona. With 165 color photographs and hundreds of line drawings, Pat McCreery and Ekkehart Malotki provide a visual database that will serve rock art researchers and the interested general reader for years to come ... This is the first book I have seen in which there are no poor photographs. Most of them are superb, the rest are merely very good. Tapamveni is a visual feast, and every photograph is worthwhile. --- Ken Hedges, La Pintura.

“ARARA members Pat McCreery and Ekkehart Malotki teamed up with the Petrified Forest Museum Association to produce one of the most beautiful rock art books published to date. ... If you like well-written rock art studies and excellent photography coupled with outstanding design and production, don’t miss this book.” Bill Hyder, La Pintura.
“This volume ... contains a fair number of true photographic masterworks, and the overall first impression is that a great deal of love went into the creation of this book. ... This book is the result of a collaboration between artist and author Pat McCreery, who wrote the text and produced the drawings, and ethnolinguist Ekkehart Malotki, who provided the photographs and captions. The volume owes a great deal to Professor Malotki’s re-discovery of numerous petroglyph sites in the Palavayu area (as he calls it) of northeastern Arizona, which comprises the Petrified Forest National Park, and to his ethnographic work in the region. -- Robert Bednarik, Rock Art Research.

“Dieses Buch ist durch seine hervorragenden Fotos, seiner bildlichen Anordnung und einfach der ganzen Aufmachung ein Stück, das einem das Herz höher schlagen lässt. Nichts lässt zu wünschen übrig, keine Punkte zur Kritik, einfach perfekt.” -- Stone Watch Magazin.

“Tapamveni is a carefully researched, well written, and highly informative book about Petrified Forest’s collection of rock art. Its lavish color illustrations are captivating. A must for Indian rock art buffs.” --- David Grant Noble, dgnoble@nets.com.