Stories of Maasaw, a Hopi God


“Stories of Maasaw, a Hopi God offers a compendium of sixteen Maasaw-related stories (fourteen of which are published here for the first time) in Hopi with English translations. The collection provides a sometimes skewed or confusing view of Maasaw not by fault of the authors, but because of the deity’s strikingly dualistic nature and the nature of the storytelling experience itself at Hopi. ... The stories provide a wealth of information, whether one is interested in comparative religions, Native American traditions and culture, or folklore. It provides a rich source for the linguist, text analyst, or even the casual reader ... [The stories] have added to the corpus of literature of a remarkably alive yet endangered language that can benefit from such efforts to encourage native literacy and fluency.” --- Mary E. Black, University of Arizona.

“The two volumes under review provide us with highly important and relevant material for the study of Hopi religion, language, folklore, and culture. We now have the tools for trying to understand this central deity, thereby providing a measure of accuracy in our analyses of the religion of the Hopi people.” --- Armin W. Geertz, European Review of Native American Studies.