Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush: Colorado Plateau Rock Art


“This is a splendid book on rock art with stunning photographs which constitute the main part of the volume. They are of such quality that the book becomes a must.“ --- Jean Clottes, International Newsletter on Rock Art.

“Many of the photographs in this book are significantly more than mere documentation, they convey intrinsic properties of the sites themselves, and a deep love of the subject matter. ... The text accompanying this visual feast is concise and appropriate. ... This exceedingly handsome book is a valuable contribution to the literature on rock art, because it elicits respect for a fragile and irreplaceable heritage, and for the people who created it a very long time ago.” --- Robert Bednarik, Rock Art Research.

“Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush: Colorado Plateau Rock Art collaboratively developed by Ekkehart Malotki (Professor of Languages, Northern Arizona University) and archaeologist Donald E. Weaver, Jr. is a stunningly impressive coffee table book which is filled from cover to cover with gorgeous color photography of ancient Native American rock art, as well as a detailed ‘reader friendly’ text explaining the most recent discoveries, theories, and speculations about these fascinating rock art creations in the American Southwest, and what they represented to the Native American peoples and cultures who made them.” --- Midwest Book Review.

“A new book on Colorado Plateau rock art ... merges mystery with careful (yet not strident) analysis in an expert blend. ... This book is a beautiful walk through the stone galleries. ... One of the finest books on rock art available.” --- Chinle Miller, Inside/Outside Southwest.

"Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush is an outstanding contribution to a growing understanding of this enigmatic art form, as well as a visual feast.” --- Mark Michel, American Archaeology. “A fine new book on the rock art of the Colorado Plateau ... that is a kind of hybrid of coffee-table photographic quality and cutting-edge scholarship.” --- Richard Sims, Daily Courier.

“First impressions: If you are looking for nothing more than a coffee-table browsing book, this one certainly fits that description. ... Second impressions: the authors have far exceeded the category of picture book.“ --- Betty Parker, Southwest BookViews.

“The book ... is an ambitious undertaking to present an overview of Colorado Plateau rock art. The result is a richly photographed compilation that is infused with mini-essays that blend site description, research assertion, and varying levels of anecdotal interpretation. ... Each rock art site presentation serves as a self-contained informational package and cognitive tangent---an ideal ‘coffee-table’ format for general public consumption. The high point of the book is the photography. Malotki’s pursuit of book quality images (“BQ as he reports) has clearly paid off. Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush is an easy-to-navigate, aesthetically beautiful and thought-provoking book. It should serve its aim in sharing the mystery and intrigue of Colorado Plateau rock art to a worldwide general public audience.” --- Steve Freers, La Pintura.

“[The book] presents an aesthetic and intellectual experience satisfying to both the novice and the academic community.” --- Sedona Magazine.

"[The book] is a beautifully photographed and superbly written introduction to the study of rock art. Hands down the subject’s best tome.” --- Greg Aitkenhead