Maasaw: Profile of a Hopi God


“Never has the enigmatic god Maasaw been presented in his rich entourage as mythological being, ritual figure and folkloristic personality as in these two volumes. It is an exquisite trove of Hopi knowledge that has been saved for posterity and for future generations of Hopi ... This is the best and most exhaustive presentation of this complex god that has been written. “ --- Ake Hultkrantz, University of Stokholm, Sweden.

“The publication of two volumes on the Hopi deity, Maasaw, represents a combination of both data and theory, and illustrates clearly that a fuller understanding of the world of Hopi religious thought is best found in a coordination of bilingual narratives, ethnographic observation, iconographic data, and linguistic competence. This is of course the goal of most serious scholarship, but Malotki is one of the best. --- Armin W. Geertz, European Review of Native American Studies.

“Those who want to add Maasaw to their store of lore about significant religious figures will find [this] volume indispensable. In Maasaw: Profile of a Hopi God Malotki and Lomatuway’ma have gathered all of the published information on this old god into a clear, well-organized survey. Chapter topics reveal the manifold aspects of Maasaw which are summarized: emergence, death, land, fire, light, agriculture, war, disease, hunting, trickster, and clan ancestor. For those who are not students of Southwestern peoples or who are not familiar with the literature on the Hopi, this volume serves as a readable introduction. For those who are already knowledgeable, this book is a valuable compendium of past information and a provocative source for further research.” --- George E. Lankford, Arkansas College.