Hopitutuwutsi - Hopi Tales


“Ten tales told on facing pages in Hopi and English. These are traditional stories in which ‘divine’ intervention in the form of birds, animals and superhuman beings always plays a part. The translations read smoothly, and the illustrations are striking adaptations of Mimbres and other prehistoric designs, A very attractive piece of bookcraft.” --- David Laird, University of Arizona.

“It is not an easy task to translate oral literature onto the page. Hopitutuwutsi succeeds. The shape and design of the book replace the storyteller. It is beautifully made ... and the presence of Hopi and English provide authenticity and dignity. ... Readers Hopi and non-Hopi will be saturated from this feast of stories for a long time.” --- Laura Simms, Western American Literature.

“The 10 selections of this handsome volume ... represent storytelling at its best. ... By including the printed Hopi alongside his sensitive English translations, Malotki succeeds in demonstrating that a so-called primitive language has the same rich capacity for verbal expression that we associate with our own written literature. And his purpose is enhanced by exquisite illustrations which underscore the intricate sense of design present in stories rooted in the oral tradition.” --- Paul G. Zolbrod, Los Angeles Times Book Review.

“The book is an excellent example of how a ‘scholarly’ book can be beautiful and still realize its scholarly purpose.” --- Larry Evers, University of Arizona.

“This prizewinning publication is one of the most carefully constructed and executed books of recent vintage. It appeals to a wide readership and is a major contribution to Hopi written language.” --- Mary Lu Moore, Arizona Highways.

“The narrator, Herschel Talashoma, handles the Hopi language as an acknowledged master, and the translations of Ekkehart Malotki are as apt as they are accurate. It is efforts such as the present collection that show the salience of native American literature for literary studies in general.” --- David Shaul, University of Arizona.