Hopi Tales of Destruction


“The people involved in this publication have without a doubt made a significant impact on the study and preservation of Hopi Indian intellectual culture and oral literature. ... As with Malotki’s other volumes, this book is a treasure chest of dramatic myths and legends, indigenous cultural insights and commentary, and academic descriptions and interpretations. Malotki and his Hopi colleagues and consultants are to be congratulated for a job well done.” --- Armin Geertz, Anthropos.

“Although this book will be of limited interest to general readers unfamiliar with Hopi or Pueblo culture, it is full of valuable pieces of information for the specialist. Malotki is to be congratulated for salvaging these tales and making them accessible both to scholars and to Hopis increasingly in danger of losing cultural connections to their own past.” --- Alice Schlegel, University of Arizona.

“In an era when mass destruction is part of ordinary conversation, Ekkehart Malotki’s Hopi Tales of Destruction is particularly relevant. ... His grasp of this material is scholarship at its best, but it is Malotki’s effort to give non-scholars a chance to appreciate the material that makes Hopi Tales of Destruction different from a bald narration. ... For readers in Southwest literature, many names in the bibliography will be familiar, but the stories of the Hopi villages will be a revelation.” --- Barbara Riley, Southwest Book Views.