Hopi Stories of Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Magic


“In the introduction to this very interesting and useful collection of traditional Hopi stories, Malotki and Gary survey the ethnographic literature and argue that shamanism, magic, and witchcraft---despite the sedentary nature of Hopi culture and its corn economy---were once important elements of Hopi culture and are still evident in their oral tradition. The 32 stories included in this collection illustrate their contention. ... An excellent addition to the literature of Native American oral tradition. --- B. Hans, University of North Dakota.

“The introduction provides cultural context for [the] themes [of witchcraft, magic, and shamanism] through literature review and original Hopi research. ... There is a wealth of cultural information in the tales that would repay a careful reading. For example: the impacts of famine, the curious initial conflict with katchinas when introduced at Zuni; the origins of the Snake Clan and Ceremony; the numerous ‘hero quest’ tales; an Orpheus motif; the escapades of the twin sons of the Sun; and many others.” --- Journal of the West.