Hopi-English Dictionary


“It exceeds in its coverage not only all other Hopi vocabularies but the majority of other dictionaries of Native American languages. ... I believe that this dictionary of Hopi ranks among the very best dictionaries in the world, in any language. ... In Uto-Aztecan linguistics and language scholarship, it is probably the most important contribution since the Nahuatl documents of the sixteenth century.” --- Kenneth L. Hale, MIT.

“It is an amazing achievement, certainly the most complete dictionary of any northern Uto-Aztecan language and quite possibly of any language in the family, and it compares with the very best available for any language of the continent. ... This book will be the classic reference on Hopi forever. I cannot exaggerate the importance of this work, or the quality and care of the research it reflects.” --- Pamela Munro, UCLA.

“This volume, containing some 30,000 entries, takes its place as one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive dictionaries ever prepared for an American Indian language; indeed, it is among the best dictionaries available for any language in the world, and a model for future lexicographers of neglected languages.’ ... The present dictionary is a major contribution to helping the Hopi preserve their heritage, and to giving the rest of us some understanding of that legacy.” --- Language in Society.

“The Hopi Dictionary is an immense accomplishment. Its existence is an incentive for all indigenous language lexicographers.” --- Karen Dakin, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, International Journal of American Linguistics.

“This volume is worthy of superlatives on all counts, being arguably the best dictionary ever produced for a language of Native America.” --- John E. McLaughlin, Utah State University, Anthropological Linguistics.