Hopi Coyote Tales -- Istutuwutsi


“Hopi Coyote Tales: Istutuwutsi is one of the best collections of traditional oral literature available. It includes a bilingual text with Hopi and English versions of Hopi tales on facing pages and a bilingual glossary followed by a guide for pronouncing Hopi. As a result, the scholar/teacher can get far more than the surface knowledge gained from the stories themselves. The book allows for the thorough kind of study of the traditional oral narratives that this genre demands.” --- Norma C. Wilson, University of South Dakota.

"Istutuwutsi, based on traditional stories orally transmitted, is faithful to the richness and timelessness of spoken language. Truly these tales reflect the directness and vividness of a storyteller who has the time to let a story unfold wholeheartedly for the enjoyment of his or her listeners. . . . . The illustrations done by Anne-Marie Malotki are earthy and spacious. They evoke something universally archetypal, cheerful and authentic. What a relief not to have silly depictions of a cartoon-like Coyote.” --- Laura Simms, Western American Literature.