Gullible Coyote - Una’ihu


“It goes without saying that a varied collection of texts of the same genre in the original language is an important contribution to ethnography. The Malotki-Lomatuway’ma team has produced an unfailingly interesting and accurate rendering that can’t help but appeal to Hopis and non-Hopis alike. “ --- David L. Shaul, Indiana University, Fort Wayne.

“This volume is enhanced by a twenty-three-page bilingual introduction and a twenty-page bilingual glossary. Once again Malotki’s innovative partnership with Michael Lomatuway’ma has produced ... important contributions to the study of the Hopi Indians ... contributions to what Malotki calls ‘linguistic archaeology’ or ‘salvage linguistics,’ an important project in the face of linguistic acculturation.” --- Armin W. Geertz, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

“It is a beautiful bilingual collection of twelve Coyote stories with a thorough bilingual introduction in which the Hopi Coyote--physical animal as well as mythical and folktale character--is defined . . . . The stories are related with exquisite timing and dramatic control. ... Gullible Coyote is a treasure for the student of the Hopi language and literature of the finest quality.” --- Bo Schöler, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

“The efforts of the Hopi and the collaboration of Ekkehart Malotki provide a richness of inestimable value, not only to future generations of Hopi but to anyone who comes in contact with them.” -- John C. Crawford, University of North Dakota.

“This is a scholar’s book, but it is a beautiful book; a delight to the eye ... It is a book that the authors and publisher can be proud to acknowledge, a book which preserves in handsome format some pieces of the tradition of a Native American culture changing so rapidly that in just a few more years these stories will not be available to collect.” --- W. David Laird, University of Tucson.

“In preparing the texts, Malotki and Lomatuway’ma have preserved the lively pace and sage humor of the narrators. The parallel presence of the Hopi text serves to remind the English reader that we are the edge of an ancient tradition and that we are participating at some distance from the full delights of this distinctive world of imagination. The texts are both entertaining and thought-provoking. “ --- Louis A. Hieb, University of Arizona.