The Bedbugs’ Night Dance and Other Hopi Tales of Sexual Encounter.


“Most certainly the only bilingual collection of traditional Native American stories devoted entirely to sex and sexuality. That fact alone makes the book worthwhile in its own right, but Malotki’s carefully edited volume offers much more than a few myths about Hopi copulation. In short, this book proves to be one of the most intriguing compilations of indigenous American tales of the decade. ... E. N. Genovese’s thoughtful introduction provides the most surprising pleasant feature of the book. His two-pronged approach both contextualizes the tales within Greek and Roman mythology and within the Hopi weltanschauung . ... Augmenting these stories are enjoyable illustrations, a guide to the Hopi alphabet, and an informative glossary of terms. ... By preserving a clearly integral element of Hopi culture, [the storytellers] provide us with a nuanced perspective of the Hopi sexual landscape and a more positive model for our own.” --- Dean Rader, Southwestern American Literature.

“These stories are not only sexually explicit, they are also funny. The Bedbugs’ Night Dance reveals a humour in Hopi oral tradition that is unexpurgated of its sexual overtones and ambiguities. ... [The book] is refreshing to read and reveals a relaxed attitude towards sexual matters in Hopi culture, an attitude that contrasts with Western (European) notions. --- Canadian Folklore.