I am an applied linguist with primary interests in (a) instructed second language acquisition and (b) quantitative research methods. As assistant professor at Northern Arizona University, I teach courses on these and other topics in the MA and PhD programs here in TESL and applied linguistics as well as at the undergraduate level. Prior to coming to NAU in 2011, I taught ESL, Spanish, and introductory courses on language learning and teaching at Caribbean University (Puerto Rico), Arizona State University, and most recently at Michigan State University, where I received my PhD in Second Language Studies.

Like many in the field, I hope for much of my research--as well as that of my colleagues--to have relevance to the second language classroom. My interests in this area include strategy instruction, interaction and vocabulary development, and acquisition of past tense morphology in Spanish. My other main interest, quantitative methods, focuses on study designs and the use of statistics. More specifically, I am interested in advancing and improving the range and quality of methodological practices in the field. See publications in these and other areas here; current/on-going projects are described here.

I am currently Associate Editor of Studies in Second Language Acquisition and Managing Editor of Foreign Language Annals. I also serve as Co-Director the IRIS database.