DPGraph Figures by Jim Swift

DPGraph Figures by Jim Swift

These graphs were produced by DPGraph, which is a fast program for viewing 3D objects. You can see hundreds of examples of graphs at the DPGraph gallery. (Some of my graphs are featured on pages 10 and 11.) NAU has a site license for this program. NAU students and faculty can download DPGraph to their PC for free by following this link and clicking on NAU. Others can download the free DPGraph viewer, or the reasonably priced full version by visiting dpgraph.com.

Many links on this site start dpgraph. To come back to the web page exit dpgraph. (Otherwise you will start accumulating lots of memory-hogging processes.)

If circles in dpgraph seem short and fat, it is probably because the taskbar is visible. Hide the taskbar. You may have to right-click on the taskbar to get to its properties and unlock it.

Here is the simplest possible DPGraph file, suitable for plotting z = f(x,y). Click on the Edit menu to change the function. If you want more control of the box size and other options, try this more complicated DPGraph file

To learn more about the features in DPGraph, open this tutorial. To use it, strip off one command at a time. (Click "Edit". Type Enter, select the last line and delete it. Then click Execute.) All of the defaults are defined, so this is a good place to see the features in DPGraph.

Note: Clicking on some links will automatically start up DPGraph. To get back to the web page, exit DPGraph.

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Page on Vibrating Drumheads

Here’s what I call the kissing cones. I use sin3(time) instead of sin(time) so that the figure slows down near the “kissing.” This looks nice with continuous rotation. (Type Alt A, C or click on Animate, Continuously rotate.)

kissing cones

Here’s the movie twilight zone, which is also found on the dpgraph math art gallery. You can use the scrollbar to change the parameters a, b, and c. The parameter a gives the number of “rotations” of the color on any circle centered at the origin. ( a should be an integer to make the color continuous). The parameter b changes the pitch of the spirals. The speed of the animation is determined by c (which can be negative, to move away from the spiral.)

twilight zone

Click here for the of dpgraphs I used in Calculus II. This page does not work properly with Netscape. Sorry.

Thanks to my son, Michael, for HTML tips.

Visit me often; more pages and graphs to appear!

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