MAT 239, Professor Swift

MAT 239, Differential Equations

Prof. Swift, Fall 2017

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pdf of the Syllabus. Here are the math department policies and the university policies that are technically part of the syllabus.

Here are some graphical resources for differential equations:
Slope Field and Direction Field applet by Darryl Nester of Bluffton University.
Phase Plane applet written by Ariel Barton of the University of Arkansas.

Instructor information, including contact information.
My office hours are MWF 1:35 - 3:00, TTh 3:40 - 4:00. My office is AMB 110.
Here is my weekly schedule. You can always send me e-mail, drop in, or make an appointment if these times aren't convenient.

Lecture supplements, in reverse chronological order

Nov. 7: Taylor polynomials for 1/(1+x^2).

Oct. 26: Desmos Calculator Driven Oscillator.

Oct. 24: Photo of how to solve linear homogeneous ODEs with constant coefficients.
Here is the handout from class about the method of undetermined coefficients. Here is the same handout with solutions. Here is a scan of the textbook's table of the form of the particular solution. All of these special cases are explained by the two rules in my handout.

Oct. 12: Summary of the Theory of Linear Homogeneous ODEs.

Sept. 28: Handout on Euler's Method.

Aug. 29: Handout on Classification of Differential Equations

Aug. 29: Here is an Introduction to WeBWorK. Even if you have used WeBWorK in other classes this has some useful information.
NOTE: You login name and password are those of your LOUIE account (e.g. jws8).

You can get extra credit for our course from points earned in the Problem of the Week. You can get up to 3 class points per week. I will multiply you points on the ladder by 0.3 to get extra credit.
FAMUS (Friday Afternoon Undergraduate Math Seminar): Fridays at 3 pm in AMB 164.
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