MAT 137 Exams

MAT 137 Exams, Spring 2019

No calculators and no notes are allowed at the exams. The exams will begin and end promptly.

Midterm 1 was on Wednesday, February 6 (Week 6, day 3).
It covered WeBWorK sets 1 through 6. The main topic of the exam is integration skills.

Midterm 2 was on Wednesday, March 13 (Week 9, day 3).
It covered WeBWorK sets 7 through 14. The main topic is applications of the integral, using the Riemann sum to set up the integral.

Midterm 3 is scheduled for Friday, April 19 (Week 13, day 4).
It will cover WeBWorK sets 15-21. The topic will be sequences and series, including Taylor series. A sample exam was handed out on Monday, April 15. A copy of the sample exam, along with the scanned solutions, are on BbLearn.
A fresh copy of this formula sheet will be handed out at the exam.

The Final Exam is scheduled for
Monday, May 6, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon

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