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Ph.D..1973  American Studies, University of New Mexico.
Dissertation: "Science Fiction as Popular Religion: The NASA Moon Program" (Norman Mailer, Harvey Cox, & Tom Wolfe).
Ed.S. 1978  Curricula & Instruction, University of New Mexico. (The Ed.S. is a certificate requiring 30 hours beyond the M.A. in education).
M.A.  1973  Education, Truman University.
M.A.  1970  English, University of Iowa.
B.A.   1968  English, Philosophy (Comprehensive Honors), Morningside College (Iowa).
1993  National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar. Pacific School of Religion (Graduate Theological Union), Berkeley. World Religions taught by Huston Smith.
1985 American Studies Summer Seminar, Sapporo, Japan.
1978 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Technology & Values.
1974 American Philology Institute, University of Idaho. Classics & the American Republic.
2001— Northern Arizona University, Professor (2011—), Chair (2011—14), Assoc. Chair (2010-11), Associate Professor (2006—11), Assistant Professor (2001—06), Department of English, Flagstaff, AZ. 
2007—2008 Al-Azhar University, Cairo, English Language Fellow, US State Department. Tracing its roots to 975, Al-Azhar is the premier university in the Muslim world for Islamic studies. My project involved mentoring 10 EFL/ESL teachers to assume responsibilities for the faculty development program in learning English. In her opening statement to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations confirmation hearing, Judith McHale (Under Secretary of State) said on 13 May 2009 about this project: At Al Azhar University in Cairo, one of the most prominent institutions of Islamic higher learning and a place not always known for its openness to Americans or their ideas, Al-Azhar Islamic Studies faculty members, both male and female, attend American-taught English language programs in a flagship center jointly sponsored by Al-Azhar and the U.S. Embassy..."
1999—2001 West Texas A&M University, Assistant Professor, Department of English & Modern Languages, Canyon, TX.
1970—98 New Mexico Tech, Professor (1986—98), Associate Professor (1977—85), Assistant Professor (1973—76), Instructor (1970—72) of Humanities (Philosophy & English), New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro, NM.
1994—95 Eastern Mediterranean University, Visiting Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Gazi Magusa (Famagusta), Cyprus.
1990 Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Senior Fulbright Professor of American Studies, India.
1989 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Senior Fulbright Professor of American Studies, India.
1986 University of Maryland, Lecturer in English, Asian Division, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1985 Tokyo University, Senior Fulbright Professor of American Studies, Japan.
Keio University, Senior Fulbright Professor of American Studies, Japan.
1981—82 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Senior Fulbright Professor of American Studies, India.
1979—80 University of New Mexico, Lecturer, English Department.
1974—75 University of Central Arkansas, Assistant Professor of English.
  • USGS (Flagstaff) technical writing workshop and mentoring for scientist staff, 2008, 09, 10, 11.
  • Teaching English Workshop, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, May 11-16, 2009.
  • U.S. Department of State, English Language Specialist. English Language Teacher Training Institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2006.
  • Co-Director and Respondent for youth summer writing camps at Marshall University and the Maryland Writing Project 2003-04.
  • Pantex: Techincal Writing Workshops, Summer 2001. Pantex is a U.S. national laboratory charged with the assembly & maintenance of nuclear weapons. I developed & taught six 3-day workshops that included a Website & 120 page document. See: http://www.uraweb.org/writing/
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1989. Consultant for technical writing curricula.
2001—07 Technical Liaison, Northern Arizona Writing Project.
2005—07  Write Like a Chemist (NSF grant project)
2001—05  Professional Communications Group.
2001        The Conference of College Teachers of English in Texas (CCTE).
 PUBLICATIONS (American Studies):
28. "Identity & Buddhism in Can Xue's Frontier,"  Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction (2020).
27. Tantra in Pynchon’s Against the Day (7,860 words) Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction, 58.3 Summer, (2017): 276-86. Published online 21 Oct. 2016).
26. “The Theater and Small Town Texas in Clay Reynolds’ The Tentmaker” Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction, 48.1 (Fall 2006): 90-101.
25. "Cormac McCarthy as Pragmatist,” Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction, 47.2 (Winter 2006): 201-14.
24 "Beauty and History in Clay Reynolds' Franklin's Crossing, Southwest American Literature, 30.2 (Spring 2005;Texas State University at San Marcos):29-44.
23.  “The Missing Beauty in Clay Reynolds’ Agatite Trilogy,” Texas Review, 25.3-4 (Fall/Winter 2004;Sam Houston State University): 80-102.
22.  “Language and the Dance of Time in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, Southwest American Literature, 30.1 (Fall 2004; Texas State University at San Marcos): 23-36.

Redemption as Language in Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree,” Christianity and  Literature, 53 (2004): 385-97.

20. "Postmodern Ethics: Richard Rorty & Michael Polanyi," Southern Humanities Review, 29.1 (Winter 1995; Auburn University): 15-48. Recognized as the best essay published by the journal in 1995.
19. "God with an Elephant Head: Pilgrimage to India (American Midwest regionalism)," Prairie Schooner, 62.3 (Fall 1988; University of Nebraska): 92-103 (first person essay).
18. "Technology & American Literature," Chuo-Koron (October 1985; Japan): 226-30. Translated into Japanese.
17. "Ghosts and Genealogy in Maxine Kingston’s The Woman Warrior," The  Northwest Review, 22.1 (1985; University of Oregon): 122-133.
16. "Technology & the Third World: Paul Theroux’s The Mosquito Coast," Critique:  Studies in Modern Fiction, 26.4 (Summer 1985): 217-27.
15. "Small Press & the English Curricula in India: An American View (Comparison of  American and Indian small press)," The Literary Endeavour, 6.2 (1984; Girraj Graduate College, India): 23-35.
14. "Values & Profession," SPAR (Science, Philosophy & Religion): Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Symposium, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, 1983.
13. "The Failure of Southwest Regionalism," South Dakota Review, 19.4 (Winter 1982; University of South Dakota): 85-99.
12. "Sci-Fi Flies High (American science fiction movies)," The Illustrated Weekly of India, 103.6 (21-27 February 1982): 32-37.
11. "Deliverance as a Western Movie," Southwestern American Literature, 7.1  (Fall 1981): 38-43.
10. "James Steele: New Mexico’s First Local Colorist," The Midwest Quarterly, 21.4  (Summer 1980): 484-92.
9. "Myth, Fiction & the World of Science," University of Portland Review, 32.1 (Spring 1980): 33-44.
8. "The Concept of Time in Faulkner’s Nobel Speech," Notes on Mississippi Writers, 11.2 (Winter 1979; University of Southern Mississippi): 73-83.
7. "Science Fiction as a Religious Guide to the New Age," Kansas Quarterly, 10.4 (Fall 1978; University of Kansas): 57-66.
6. "Transcendentalism & Henry Barnard’s School Architecture," Journal of General Education, 29.3 (Fall 1977; Pennsylvania State University): 173-87.
5. "Existentialism & the Law in The Maltese Falcon," University of Portland Review, 28.2 (Fall 1977): 21-25.
4. "Can Art Still Save Us If Science Fails?" Illinois Quarterly, 38.4 (Summer 1976; Illinois State University): 50-62.
3. "Grokking God: Phenomenology in NASA & Science Fiction," Research Studies, 44.2 (June 1976; Washington State University): 101-10.
2. "NASA, The Sixties, & the American Hero," Colorado Quarterly, 21.1 (Summer 1975; University of Colorado): 55-60.
1. "The Sailing of the Pequod: An Existential Voyage," Arizona Quarterly, 28.1 (Spring 1970; University of Arizona): 55-60.
 PUBLICATIONS (Postcolonial):       
13. "Confucianism in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled" (4,500 words), Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, 4.1 (Oct. 2004).
--Reprinted in Thomson's online Student Resource Center (SRC 4.1), April 2007.
12. "Zen Buddhism & Bushido," Lectures D'une Oeuvre The Remains of the Day, ed. François Gallix. Paris: Editions Du Temps, 1999: 178-92.
11. "Zen Comedy: The Commonwealth Fiction of Kazuo Ishiguro," Mosaic, 29.1 (March 1996; University of Manitoba): 79-102.
10. "Race & Community in Sam Selvon’s Fiction," The Caribbean Quarterly, 37.4 (December 1991; University of the West Indies, Jamaica): 9-21.
9. "Freud & Post-Colonialism in Ranga Rao’s Fowl Filcher," Journal of Indian Writing in English, 18.2 (July 1990; Gulbarga University (India): 66-78.
8. "Confucianism in Timothy Mo’s Sour Sweet," The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 24.1 (August 1989; England): 49-64.
--Reprinted in Commentary, 8.3-4 (Summer 1990; National University of Singapore): 61-70.
7. "Confucianism in Timothy Mo’s The Monkey King," Tamkang Review, 18.1-4 (Autumn 1987--Summer 1988; Selections from the Proceedings of the Fifth Quadrennial International Comparative Literature Conference held at Tamkang University, Taiwan): 403-21.
--Reprinted in World Literature Written in English, 29.2 (Autumn 1989; Guleph University, Canada): 50-61.
6. "Gandhi & Non-Violence in Manohar Malgonkar’s A Bend in the Ganges," Chandrabhaga, 12 (Winter 1984; Cuttack, India): 41-70.
5. "Hindu Mysticism in the Twentieth Century: R. K. Narayan’s The Guide," Philological Quarterly, 62.1 (Winter 1983; University of Iowa): 31-43.
--Reprinted in the World Book Advanced Encyclopedia, 2009.
4. "V. S. Naipaul & the Third World," Research Studies, 49.3 (September 1981; Washington State University): 183-192.
3. "Indian Identity in the Theatre: Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajit," Cyngus, 2.2 (1981: Lucknow University, India): 47-53.
2. "Religion & Culture in Raja Rao’s The Serpent & the Rope," The Journal of Literary Studies, 4.2 (December 1981; Utkal University, India): 27-43.
1. "The Buddha Center in Conrad’s Youth," Literature: East & West, 21 (1977; University of   Texas): 121-129.   

 PUBLICATIONS (Post-Modernism):      

8. Review of Modern Social Imaginaries by Charles Taylor (2,800 words), Rocky Mountain Review of Literature & Language, 60.1 (Spring 2006).
7. Lem W Oczach Krytyki Swiatowej (Stanislaw Lem in the Eyes of World Criticism), ed. Jerzy Jarzebski. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1989. Two chapters: 248-93. Translated into Polish.
6. "Memoirs Found in a Bathtub: Stanislaw Lem’s Critique of Cybernetics," Mosaic, 17.4 (Fall 1984; University of Manitoba): 53-71.
5. "The Ghost in the Machine: Stanislaw Lem’s Mortal Engines," Liberal & Fine Arts  Review, 4.1 (January 1984; Eastern New Mexico University): 1-18.
4. "Stanislaw Lem," Contemporary World Writers, ed. James Vinson. London: St. James Press, 1984.
3. "Kybernetik und Humanistische Literatur: Stanislaw Lems Kyberiande" in Über Stanislaw Lem ed. Werner Berthel. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Uerklag, 1981: 75-91. Translated into German.
2. "Having Everything is Having Nothing: Stanislaw Lem Versus Utilitarianism," Southwest Review, 66.3 (Summer 1981; Southern Methodist University): 293-306.
1. "Cybernetics & a Humanistic Fiction: Stanislaw Lem’s The Cyberiad," Research  Studies, 45.3 (September 1977): 123-33.
 PUBLICATIONS (Writing & Curricula):
32. Remaking the American University: Open for Business,” Education Review, 9.3 (7,200 word analytic review; March 2006).
31. Doom, Gloom, and the Misunderstanding of Higher Education: An Essay Review of Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk,” Education Review, 8.2 (7,000 word analytic review; November 2005).
30. “Review: Putting the University Online, Open Learning,” 20.2 (an analytic review; June 2005, Britain): 193-99.
29. "Does the Online University Need Faculty, Adjuncts, or Clerks?" (5,000 words) Workplace 6.2 (June 05).
28. Cyberspace, Distance Learning, and Higher Education in Developing Countries (Africa; 7,100 words) Education Review (May 05).
27. Society Online (4,800 words) Education Review (Jan. 05).
26. Mediating Science Learning through Information & Communications Technology (3,500 words) Education Review (Jan. 05).
25. "Philosophy of Teaching Statements as Bumf" (1,100 words), Lore: An E-journal for Teachers of Writing, Fall 2004.
24. The Virtual University? (4,800 words), Education Review (Dec. 2004).
23. Putting the University Online (4,000 words), Kairos 9.1 (2004).
22. Silicon Literacies: Communication, Innovation and Education in the Electronic Age (3,100 words), Rocky Mountain Review of Literature & Language (RMMLA), Fall 2004.
21. Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education (5,400 words), Education Review (Sept. 2004).
20. Steal This University (5,800 words), Education Review (June 2004).
19. Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education (4,500 words), Education Review (May 2004).

World Class: Teaching and Learning in Global Times (5,400 words), Education Review (April. 2004)

17. “Community, Context, and Distance Education,” Proceedings of the International
 Conference on Information Technology 2004

A Classroom of One (3,200 words), Education Review (Feb. 2004):

15. Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, 6.1 (Feb. 2003), "The Limited Possibilities for Online Community & Online Instruction" (review of Hubert Dreyfus's On the Internet (3,000 words).
14. Rough Draft (Newsletter for the Society for Technical Communication, Phoenix Chapter), "Professional & Technical Program launched at NAU" (March 2002).
13. The Literary Review, "State of the Short Story" (Interviews with American Editors), 1994.
12. Coda, 12.4 (1985), "What They Write the Editor."
11. New Mexico Humanities Council Newspaper Program, "Philosophy for Engineers," 1981-82.
10. Philosophy in Context, "Science Fiction as Philosophy," 1981.
9. Journal of English Teaching Techniques (University of Michigan—Flint), 1980.
8. Technical Writing Teacher, 1979.
7. New Mexico Independent, 1979.
6. Southwest Images & Trends (New Mexico State University), 1979.
5. New Mexico Humanities Council newspaper program, 1977-79.
4. University of New Mexico Monograph, Bureau of Educational Planning, 1977.
2-3. Freshman English Resource Notes, 1977 (2:6), 1976.
1. New Mexico School Review, 1977.


4. Donny Does E-mail. Serialized in Amarillo Bay, 1999.
3. Watermelon Mountain: Cold Mountain. Calcutta: Writers Workshop Press, 1984.
2. Indians. Stafford, Virginia: Northwoods Press, 1980.
1. Messages From a Typewriter. Lawrence, Kansas: Lantana Press, 1980


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The Art of Typerwriting, 2015
The Blueline Anthology, 2004
Anthology of Great Plains Poets
Male Talk
The New Mexico Environment
6. "Vanaprastha," Short Story International, 89 (December 1991; circulation: 75,000): 29-58.  Co-authored with S. K. Aithal.
5. "Karma International," Short Story International, 87 (August 1991): 48-66. Co-authored.
4. "Death in the Great Hall," Short Story International, 80 (June 1990): 40-52. Co-authored.
3. "Avantara Mantra," Short Story International, 78 (February 1990): 63-80. Co-authored.
2. "Moksha," Short Story International, 57 (August 1986): 75-86. Co-authored.
1. The Swiftest Lizard in the West," Smudge, 7 (Spring 1980): 24-25.
West Texas A&M University, 2001.
University of Texas, Austin. Ruth Stephan Poetry Reading Program, 1985.
"Advantages & Disadvantages of Community Education Contracting from the Bureau of Indian Affairs," prepared for the University of New Mexico, 1977.
Over 30 reviews in journals, including The New Mexico Historical Review & New Mexico Humanities Review.
Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff), 12 March 03, "Just or Unjust?" by Michael Marizco
Iowa Authors Collections, Special Collections, University of Iowa Library
The Literary Magazine Review, 12.2 (Summer 1993): 33-36.
The Hindu (Madras newspaper, India), 15 March 1990.
The Literary Magazine Review, 2.3 (Fall 1983): 29-31.
Pikestaff Forum, Editor’s Profile, 1982.  
Society (Indian popular magazine), 1981. 




18. Improving the Accuracy of the Telugu ESL Subjects through the
     Integrated Approach of Contrastive Analysis & Error Analysis: A Case-study
     in GMRIT, Acharya Nagarjuna University, India.
17. The Concept of Self & Society in the Novels of Arun Joshi -- a Critical
     Study, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.
16. Modes of Excess in Don DeLillo's Fiction,
Indian Institute of Technology,
, India

15. William Gibson's Neuromancer as Cyberpunk: A Thematic Study, Indian
      Institute of Technology, Guwahati
, India.

14. Historicity/Fictionality of History in Contemporary Indian Wring in English,
     Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

13. Meta-Fictional Perceptions of Truth in the Selected Novels of Iris Murdoch
     & Muriel
Spark, Madras University, India.
12. The Plays of Ntozake Shange, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,
  11. A Study of Arun Joshi’s Novels, Sri Venkateswara University.
2005 10. The Novels of Arun Joshi, Sri Venkateswara University.
  9.  Social Realism in the Works of I.K. Sharma, R.K. Singh, and D.C. Chambial,
     Sri Venkateswara University.
  8.  An Appraisal of the Protagonists in Margaret Atwood’s Novels, Sri
     Venkateswara University.
2004 7.  The Short Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, Sri Venkateswara University,
1998   6.  Fact & Fiction in the Novels of John Cheever, Sri Venkateswara University.
1996   5.  Emerson’s Orientalism, Sri Venkateswara University.
1996   4.  Ted Hughes, American Poet, Sri Venkateswara University.
1994   3.  The Representation of India in American Missionary Fiction, Hyderabad
, India.
1986    2.  The Concept of Self in the Novels of Chinua Achebe, Indian Institute of 
     Technology, New Delhi
, India.
1984      1.  The Redemptive Return: Contemporary Native American Indian Literature,
     Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.
  • Third Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing, N.M. State University, 1980.

“Constructivist Methods for Online Writing Courses,” Keynote speech at CDELT (Center for Developing English Language Teaching), Ain-Shams University, Cairo, March, 3, 2008. (Ain-Shams is the national university of Egypt.)

“New Medium, New Methods: Online Learning.” Thirteenth Academic Skills Conference, American University in Cairo, Jan. 16, 2008.

“Faculty Development at Al-Azhar University.” Egypt Tesol (Eighth Annual Convention), Cairo, Nov. 17, 2007.

"Distance Education as Therapy," Rocky Mountain MLA, Coeur d'Alene, Oct. 05.
  "How Distance Methods & Academic Management Software Subvert the University," Rocky Mountain MLA, Boulder, Sept. 04.
  "Community, Context, & Distance Education." International Conference on Information Technology (ITCC, sponsored by IEEE), Las Vegas, April 2004.

“Supporting Young Writers Camps Online,” National Writing Project, San Francisco, Nov. 2003.


“Teaching Professional Ethics via the Web,” Association for Business Communication Annual Convention,  Oct. 2003.


“The Blonde Madonna of Levelland: Clay Reynolds’ Fiction,” Texas CEA, March 2001.

“Confucianism in Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled,” South Central MLA, Nov. 2000.

  Over 30 papers read at U.S. conventions, conferences, & seminars, some sponsored by:
   Modern Language Association (2)
   Association for Commonwealth Literature & Language Studies
   Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference
   College English Association
   Western American Literature Association
   Comparative Literature Circle (Florida State University)
   Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (11)
     South Central Modern Language Association
Steering Committee for the Master in Administration degree program, Northern Arizona University, 2002-.
  External examiner for the Ph.D. degree at: IIT—Kanpur, IIT—New Delhi, IITGuwahati,  Sri Venkateswara University, Hyderabad University, Madras University, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra University,  (India).
Selection Board for 1991-92 American Research Fellowships (post-doctorates for scholars from the Near East, North Africa, & South Asia), Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES).
Selection Board for 1986-87 Japanese Fulbright Awards.
Selection Board for Artists in Residence 1988-89, New Mexico Arts Commission.
Selection Board for Publication Grants 1983, 1984, New Mexico Arts Commission.
Officer for sessions at professional meetings, primarily the Rocky Mountain MLA.
Board of Directors, Rio Grande Writers Association (New Mexico).
Administrative Board Chair, 1983-85, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Socorro
North Central Association evaluator (college and university accreditation).
Numerous committees at Northern Arizona University & New Mexico Tech.
New Mexico state science fair judge for technical papers.
USGS, Mentoring science staff, 2008-11.
U.S. Department of State, English Language Fellow, 2007-08.
U.S. Department of State, English Language Specialist Program, 2006.
National Science Foundation (NSF), 2005-06
  Fulbright Program (CIES: Council for the International Exchange of Scholars)
NEH (Summer Seminars)
NEA: Small Press Distribution Project
U.S. Educational Foundation in India: Creative Writing Workshop
CCLM (Co-ordinating Council of Literary Magazines; NEA affiliate)
New Mexico Arts Division
New Mexico Humanities Council
Witter Binner Foundation
Eli Lily Foundation
New Mexico Tech

Courses Taught:

orthern Arizona University:
  *Eng302W: Technical Writing
  *Eng305: Disciplinary Writing
    Eng411: Diversity & Culture

  *Eng502: Advanced Technical   
  *Eng517: Professional Editing
  *Eng522: Rhetoric & Writing in 
       Professional Communities 
  *Eng526: Advanced Academic  
  *Eng549: Document Design &
        Usability Testing
  *Eng569: Document Project
  *Eng606: Issues in Tech Writing
    Eng608: Fieldwork (Internship)
    Eng621: Directed Projects in 
        Writing Communities
    Eng685: Graduate Work
    Eng697: Independent Study
    Eng699: Thesis
  NM Tech & West Texas A&M:
Senior Seminar in Technical

    Computer Generated
        Presentations (grad.)

    Desk Top Publishing (grad.)
    Technical Writing
    Advanced Writing
    Creative Writing

    Introduction to the Internet 
        (Continuing Ed., grad.)

 West Texas A&M:

World Literature (Ancient)
   NonWestern Literature



    Seminar on Post-Modern American
        Writers (graduate)
    Seminar on Kurt Vonnegut (grad.)
    Seminar on Thomas Pynchon (grad.)
Classical Backgrounds (grad.) 
    Hawthorne / Melville (grad.)
    Commonwealth Literature (grad.)
    Seminar on Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Twentieth Century Literature  
    Survey of American Literature 1 & 2
    American Literature & Technology
    Western American Literature
    Southwest American Literature
    World Literature 1 & 2
    Masterpieces in Western World Literature
    Postcolonial Literature
    Literature of the Non-Western World
    Indo-Anglian Literature
    Greek Myth & Medieval Romance
    Introduction to Poetry
    Introduction to Fiction
    Science Fiction

   American Pragmatism (graduate)
    Seminar in Nietzsche
    Philosophical Figures:
        Richard Rorty; Charles Taylor

    Asian Philosophy
    Comparative Religions                    
    History of Philosophy 1 & 2
    Ancient Philosophy

    Contemporary Philosophy
    Comparative Philosophy
    Professional Ethics
    Medical Ethics
    Introduction to Philosophy
    Philosophy of Science
        & Technology

    Philosophy of Literature

  English Language Fellow, Al-Azhar University (Cairo), 2007-08.
  Theodore Christian Hoepfner Award from Auburn University for the best essay published in the Southern Humanities Review in 1995.
  Visiting Professor, Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus), 1994-95.
  Senior Fulbright Professor to India, 1989-90.
  Senior Fulbright Professor to Japan, 1985-86.
  Senior Fulbright Professor to India, 1981-82.
  B.A. Comprehensive Honors in English.
  Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society).
  Listed: Contemporary Authors, vol. 110
          The Dictionary of International Biography
          International Authors & Writers Who’s Who
          Who’s Who in Scholarship
          Directory of American Scholars
          Who’s Where Among Writers
2011—14   Chair, English Department, NAU.
2010—11   Associate Chair, English Department, NAU.
200114      Coordinator for graduate programs (M.A. and certificate program) in professional and technical writing at Northern Arizona University.
1978—93   Editor of the New Mexico Humanities Review: a bi-annual, photo-offset produced, perfect bound, 180 page literary publication. Thirty-seven issues published (5,000 pages). Indexed in MLA Bibliography. Prizes: Best American Short Stories inclusion; Texas Institute of Letters first place award for short fiction; featured selection of the Small Press Book Club; recognized by Poet’s Market Place as a quality publication. $1,000 in poetry prizes awarded annually. Judges included Fred Chappell and Mark Strand, Poet Laureate of the U.S.



Produced a three day South India Creative Writing Workshop at IIT—Madras; sponsored by the U.S. Educational Foundation in India (Fulbright agency). Faculty included prominent Indian writers Ranga Rao & Prema Nandakumar. Select participants came from Madras area colleges.
Co-organized an international conference on The Buddha in
Literature, held at IIT—Kanpur (October 1983). This
event was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama of Tibet.
1979—81 Co-director of The Swift Lizard, a non-profit small press distribution and promotion service supported by grants from the NEA.

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