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Arts and Letters
English 502: Advanced Technical Writing
3 hrs.

John Rothfork
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Graduate status

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The course title implies ("advanced") that you have taken an undergraduate course in technical writing. This is not, however, a prerequisite. Most undergraduate tech writing courses give you guided practice at:

The course should also have familiarized you with the practices of: The authors of the texts will offer advice on these & other topics, assuming that you are familiar with the basic ideas & practices. For more information on an undergraduate course, see the publisher's site in support of Mike Markel's text, Technical Communication.


Component   Text

Dan Jones. Technical Writing Style.  0-205-19722-1.  Allyn Bacon. Amazon.

Gerald J. Alred, Walter E. Oliu, Charles T. Brusaw. The Professional Writer: A Guide for Advanced Technical Writing.  isbn 0-312-00248-3.  St. Martin's Press; Amazon. The book is/was out of print, but Amazon indicates it remains in print. In any case, used copies remain available.

There are no exercises or assignments based on Alred's text, so it is optional.
What We Do in the Course

Jones: We study through a chapter in Jones for each of the 10 lessons & do some of the exercises. These offer most of the points available in the first 5 lessons. The last 5 lessons focus on case studies.

We will work through 5 case studies I treat the blueprint cases in depth to demonstrate techniques of audience analysis & rhetorical strategy. You should apply similar skills in rhetorical analysis to solve subsequent cases, not just report data.

How to submit case study documents: The appearance & layout of these memos, formal letters, or reports are important. Submit these as attachments.

Acceptable file types:
Your attached document must be in one of these files types:

Projects: You will do 1 slightly lengthier project:
Course Grades:

A: 90%
B: 80%
C: 65%

Submission Deadlines: A day or two late is acceptable with no explanation required. Watch the calendar. If the calendar says we are working on unit 5, I will accept late work from units 4 and 3, but not earlier. The grade for work submitted a week late can be reduced by 10%; two weeks late by 20%. Work submitted more than two units later than the unit we are working on is not accepted.