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College of Arts & Letters

: English

ENG 243 American Literature from 1865 to Present

Units of Credit: 3
Course Pre-requisite(s), Co-requisite(s), Co-convened, and/or Cross-Listed Courses: ENG105 or HON 190 or English Placement Test Results (Accuplacer WR 8; PLACE 50+) or International Exchange Student Group
Mode of Instruction: Online
Meeting: Online BBLearn

Instructor: John Rothfork
Contact Information:

·       E-mail:
       Office: Babbitt 324 (no physical office hours)
       Ph: 928.523.0559 (office)

Course Description:

This is the second half of the American literature survey sequence that follows canon literature (in English) from our colonial beginning to today. There is a huge number of works we might chose from in this 150 year period.

The major concern in making choices is aesthetic. Literature is first & foremost an art. Canon literature is not defined like popular literature -- by the number of likes, reads, or sales. Canon literature is such because of scholarly analysis published in professional (peer-review) journals & because these works are taught in university courses like ours. Publishing a literary work is only half the story. The other half is developed by literary scholarship. This may sound stuffy. Some of criticism is stuffy or pedantic or ill-informed, just as some creative writing isn't very good. Obviously, you shouldn’t cite such material. The more we know about canon literature, the more we tend to enjoy it.

Canon literature illustrates historic & social values & views. This means that critical analysis is largely about what isn't explicitly presented in the literal level of the story. It is about implications & background.

Reading list

Course Structure:

Our text is the Norton Anthology of American Literature, 9th ed. Robert S. Levine, et. al. We will also use the publisher’s software for quizzes & to read through this text, especially for period or era explanations & author biographies. The course has 3 divisions:

Course Expectations and Student Learning Outcomes:

Students in this course will:

NAU Department of English — Literature Learning Outcomes:

A graduating English major whose coursework includes a focus on literature will: o:p>

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes: /span>

The course will be graded on a 590 point scale:

90-100%:          A       531 or more points

80-89%:            B       472—530

70-79%:            C       413—471

60-69%:            D      354—412

Below 60%:        F       3353 or fewer points

Policy on Late Work & Incompletes:


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