Haydee M. Hampton

Research Associate, Biology
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
Northern Arizona University
NAU Box 6077, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6077
Tel: 928-523-0872; Cell: 928-380-2551
email: haydee.hampton@nau.edu

I am a research associate affiliated with the Program in Climate Science and Solutions at Northern Arizona University (NAU).  My work has supported hundreds of stakeholders in the development and use of spatial layers, models, and group processes to inform forest restoration planning and land management. Before coming to NAU, I worked at Pacific Gas & Electric in San Francisco, where I developed engineering and economic analyses, presentations, and testimony to inform electrical energy resource decisions involving ratepayer groups, environmental organizations, and government entities. As a research engineer at Science Applications International Corporation I evaluated energy and waste-treatment technologies, such as cogeneration and recycling, from a technical and economic standpoint.  My current research examines climate forcing implications of forest management, including the role of fire in the biogeochemical carbon cycle, and develops strategies for planning forest restoration treatments across broad landscapes under future climate conditions. I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering from Humboldt State and Stanford Universities, respectively, and a Master’s degree in Geography and Public Planning from NAU.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in NAU's School of Forestry under a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship. This research effort integrates satellite and field measurements with quantitative modeling to address questions at the interface of forest management and climate change, basic questions about how forests affect climate, and questions that apply directly to current challenges in managing forests for climate protection. The project is being carried out in association with NAU's Program in Climate Science and Solutions.

Curriculum Vitae available on request.

Selected Publications
Hampton, H.M., S.E. Sesnie, J.D. Bailey and G.B. Snider. 2011. Estimating regional wood supply based on stakeholder consensus for forest restoration in northern Arizona. Journal of Forestry 109(1):15-26. (Wood Supply Analysis report)

Hampton, H.M., E.N. Aumack, J.W. Prather, B.G. Dickson, Y. Xu, and T.D. Sisk. 2006. Development and transfer of spatial tools based on landscape ecology principles: supporting public participation in forest restoration planning in the southwestern U.S. Pages 65-95 in A. Perera, L. Buse, and T. Crow, eds., Forest landscape ecology: transferring knowledge to practice. Springer, New York, NY, USA.

Hampton, H.M., E.N. Aumack, J.W. Prather, Y. Xu, B.G. Dickson, and T.D. Sisk. 2005. Demonstration and test of a spatial decision support system for forest restoration. Pp. 47-65 in The Colorado Plateau II: Biophysical, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Research (C. Van Riper and D.J. Mattson, eds.). University of Arizona Press, Tucson.