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Basic Tools

            GraphCalc Multifaceted grapher; downloadable

    GCalc by Jiho Kim - free version 3.0 graphs multiple functions with zoom, implicit, parametric, 3d, direction fields, etc. Downloadable or can use online

            Java applet plotters - John Orr  Plots multiple functions with zoom feature.

            IRA Function Plotter - Interactive Real Analysis (IRA) plotter; adjustable window, color

            Family Plotter - IRA plotter graphs parametrized families

            Indefinite Integrals - Mathematica - site

            Numerical Integrator I - Sefan Waner at Hofstra

            Numerical Integator II - WebMath, limited to a difference of 10 in the limits

            100 Solved Integrals - WebMath

            Slope Field Applet  - Marek Rychlik, University of Arizona
            JOde Mirror site at Rutgers

            Vector Field Analyzer II - Matthias Kawski, Arizona State University

            The Calculus Page Problems - University of California at Davis "The Calculus Page"

            100 Solved Integrals - WebMath


           Calculus Applets  A list of calculus/precalculus applets 

 Secants and Tangents -  William Ziemer, California State University, Long Beach

            Secants and Tangents I - Douglas Arnold (other visualizations at this site also)

            Secants and Tangents II - John Orr's site

            Secants and Tangents III - Mike May, St. Louis University

            Derivatives of sine and exponential - Manipula Math

            Newton's Method - Paul Garrett, U. Minnesota

            Newton's Method - One iteration at a time   

            Riemann sums I - Mike May, St. Louis University

  Riemann sums II - William Ziemer, California State University, Long Beach

            Riemann sums III - JOMA

            Dynamic plot of integral versus integrand - maths online

  Fixed Point Applet - William Ziemer, California State University, Long Beach

            Fundamental Theorem of Calculus I

            Fundamental Theorem of Calculus II

            Fundamental Theorem of Calculus III

            Volume Computations - Demos with Positive Impact

            More Volumes - Manipula Math

            Arc Length - Java at Xanadu

            Arc Length - Harvey Mudd Calculus Page    

            Predator-Prey - Simulation of Rabbits and Foxes (Logistic) trajectories

            Predator-Prey - Plots of individual populations versus time

            Predator-Prey - phase plane; K and V versus t

            Sequences and Series - Mike May, St. Louis University

            Taylor Series - Demos with Positive Impact

            Yet another Taylor Series site - Mike May, St. Louis University

            Vectors - Mike May, St. Louis University

Projects and Labs

            Mathematica Labs - Christopher Barker

            Calculus Labs at Duke

            NAU Calculus Page     


            DPGraph - nice 3D grapher; NAU has a site license which students may use as well

            Maxima - Open source freeware CAS system

General Resource Sites

    Calculus:  Modeling and Applications - Smith and Moore online text

    PlanetMath online mathematics community: encyclopedia, forums, online texts, etc.

    Math Gateway - portal to mathematics in the National Science Digital Library

    The Calculus Page - University of California Davis; extensive site

    Demos with Positive Impact

            Math Forum

            SOS Math

    Journal of Online Mathematics and Applications

            St. Louis University Applets - Mike May

            Vanderbilt Toolkit 


            Manipula Math

            maths online

            Visual Calculus


            MathArchives - extensive archives of useful items

            Topics in Integral and Differential Calculus

            World Web Math at MIT

            Douglas M. Arnold's Site - Graphics Demos

            Calculus Animations with MathCad - various demos

            Jim Swift's Web Site - nice uses of DPGraph, Mathematica animations

Assembled by John Hagood, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Northern Arizona University

Last modified 1  March 2007