Friday, March 6th, 2015, 7:00pm @ NAU's Cline Library Auditorium:

Free public screening of "An Honest Liar," followed by a panel discussion on magic and skepticism with Ray Hyman, Michael Edwards, Mark Edward, and Tony Barnhart

Saturday, March 7th, 2015 @ The 1899 Ballroom on NAU's north campus:

The Skeptical Classroom Conference (also free & open to the public!)

Time Speaker Title
8:00AM Registration Table Opens
8:30AM Anthony Barnhart

Welcome to The Skeptical Classroom!

Skepticism in the Social Sciences
9:00AM Michael Edwards

As Seen on TV: Skepticism in Advertising & Business

9:30AM Nicole Bies-Hernandez

Challenging Pop-Psychology to Promote Critical (and Skeptical) Thinking

Addenda: Psychology Myths Handout & The Debunking Handbook

10:00AM Ray Hyman

The Skeptic: Beyond Critical Thinking

Addendum: "How To Think About Dubious Claims" 10-part course

10:30AM Break (beverages* & delicious snacks provided)
Skepticism in the Humanities
10:45AM Eve Siebert

Teaching Writing in the Bermuda Triangle

Addendum: The Virtual Skeptics webcast

11:15AM Season Ellison

Theatre: The Suspension of Disbelief

11:45AM Robert Blaskiewicz

The Place of the Extraordinary in the College Classroom

Addendum: The Virtual Skeptics webcast

12:15PM Break for Lunch (on your own)
Skepticism in the Formal Sciences
1:30PM Jona Vance

Skepticism and Conversational Contexts

2:00PM Chad Woodruff

Let's Get Physical: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Sun is a God

2:30PM Mark Edward

"Psychic" Deception and How to Recognize It

Addendum: Phil Plait's "Don't Be a Dick"

3:00PM Break (beverages* & delicious snacks provided)
Skepticism in the Natural Sciences
3:15PM Scott Antes

Trust Me On This...

3:45PM Whitney Hansen

Teach the Controversy: Adopting & Addressing Theoretical Disagreement in the Classroom

Addenda: Taking Sides book series & Amorphia Apparel's "Teach the Controversy"

4:15PM Sharon Hill

Sounds Sciencey: Real Science vs. the Impostors in Popular Culture

Addenda: DoubtfulNews.com & The Virtual Skeptics webcast

*Get your free caffeine fix in the lobby throughout the entire day!