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Thanks for stopping by. I'm a lecturer at Northern Arizona University in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. In the lab, I study the psychological processes underlying handwritten word perception and the psychological foundations of magic and illusion. I have lectured on the psychology of magic at magic conventions and to students of psychology at colleges and universities. As a performer, I attempt to employ psychological principles to elevate my magic’s impact and increase the audience’s sense of wonder. Please click the "research" tab above for more information!  

If you're interested in psychology and magic, please see my magic website ( for a listing of my future public lectures on the topic and my blog ( for the latest news from the trenches.


May 2014: I contributed a demonstration on attentional misdirection in time to the Vision Sciences Society's 2014 "Demo Night." You can download a copy of my handout here.

December 2013: Word shape doesn't influence word perception, right?!? Think again...My newest publication in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review suggests that configural cues are an important component of handwritten word perception. Rotation reveals the importance of configural cues in handwritten word perception.

September 2013: The Boston Globe published an article on handwritten word perception, featuring work I've carried out with Stephen Goldinger. You can read the article here (or download a .pdf copy here).

September 2012: My research was featured in a wonderful article on the science of magic in Science News For Kids, here.

September 2012: I have been asked to write a series of essays documenting my course on the Psychology of Magic for the James Randi Educational Foundation's Swift blog. Direct your browser here to read the first installment and here to read the second.

July 2012: I was interviewed about my research and course on the Psychology of Magic in a recent episode of the "Token Skeptic" podcast. You can listen below or by directing your browser here.


  Updated: 05/22/2014